Blog | 11th April 2022

58% Drop in Doncaster Council Houses in the Last 40 Years

In 1981, 36.3% of properties in Doncaster were council houses. Today, that figure stands at 15.2%, a proportional drop of 58%. Why has the number of council houses dropped so much in those 40 years? How has that changed the dynamics of the Doncaster property market in those 40 years? The ability of local authorities

Blog | 21st March 2022

How Will Rising Inflation Affect the Doncaster Property Market in 2022?

The UK is currently experiencing its highest inflation rate since the early 1990s. This increase in prices has primarily come about by the combination of an increase in demand for goods and services from consumers following lockdown last year together with global supply chain disruptions. Most economists weren’t too concerned about this increase in the

Blog | 10th March 2022

1 in 48 homes are sitting empty in the Doncaster area

3,011 homes in the Doncaster area are empty, which represents 1 in 48 homes. 2,022 of those have been empty for more than six months and are worth £306million. Why are those properties standing empty and deteriorating and why could that become an issue for the whole of Doncaster? A couple of weeks ago was

Blog | 2nd March 2022

Doncaster Household Heating Bills Set to Rise to £72,995,228 in 2022

The energy bills of every Doncaster resident will rise in April as the price cap increases to account for the global increase in the cost of gas. Those not on the gas mains will still be hit as the UK uses gas to make 45% of its electricity. So, what can Doncaster residents do to

Blog | 21st February 2022

Why Are There So Few Doncaster Homes For Sale?

17% drop in the number of properties for sale in Doncaster in the last 12 months. 536 Doncaster homes have sold (stc) in the last three months alone, taking the time from the ‘for sale board’ going up to sale agreed to a median of 34 days. The £300k to £400k price range in Doncaster

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