Blog | 2nd June 2021

Your Great-Great Doncaster Grandfather Would Have Only Paid £203 9s 9d for His Doncaster Home in 1871

Would it surprise you even more when I said the ratio of house prices to wages are still lower today when compared to 1871? Yes, you read that correctly, as a proportion of average wages British house prices are 17.6% proportionally cheaper today than they were in 1871. I wish to talk about the last

Blog | 24th May 2021

22.3% of Doncaster Landlords Could Be Fined £5,000 Each with New Energy Regs

… whilst possible new mortgage rules for Doncaster homeowners would make it harder to sell their draughty old properties As the UK has committed to a legally binding target to be carbon neutral by 2050, one of the biggest producers of greenhouse gasses are residential properties. To hit that target, every UK property will need

Blog | 14th May 2021

Will the Doncaster Property Market Continue to Boom?

All the signs are that the Doncaster housing market is sat on good foundations, yet one key hazard could still scupper the market. ‘UK Property Prices Rising at Record Levels’ is the headline of many newspapers. In the last few weeks, Halifax reported they had grown by 6.5% in the last 12 months, whilst Nationwide

Blog | 6th May 2021

Doncaster Buy-to-Let Property Market Going into Crisis?

…as Doncaster first-time buyers now only need a 5% deposit for a mortgage. Doncaster landlords, sell your property portfolios, your tenants will soon be leaving in droves as they buy their first home with the new 5% deposit mortgages backed by the Government’s new mortgage-guarantee scheme revealed in March’s budget! These 95% mortgages are to

Blog | 27th April 2021

Will Doncaster house prices fall in 2022?

As 1 in 6 Doncaster homes are selling within a fortnigh of coming to market One of the most astounding things that has happened in the last 12 months was something that did not happen. Even after the country saw the deepest recession since the Great Freeze of 1709, with GDP dropping 28% in one

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