Blog | 30th November 2020

Doncaster Landlords and Second Homeowners will Probably Save Money from the Proposed New Capital Gains Tax changes

Yet, if the proposals were adopted in full, some Doncaster landlords would pay £6,000 fewer Capital Gains Tax than they would currently The government borrowed £394bn this financial year (April ‘20 to April ‘21). This figure does not include the cost of November lockdowns and support measures, which means the final bill will probably be

Blog | 25th November 2020

The 2020 Review of the Doncaster Property Market

Looking back at the Doncaster property market for 2020, it can certainly be seen as a frenetic game of two halves, albeit with a very long half time in the spring. Between the General Election in mid-December and Christmas, many Doncaster agents saw an unusually higher uplift in activity in the property market just as

Blog | 16th November 2020

As Doncaster First-time Buyers are Being Locked Out of the Doncaster Property Market – Rents Have Risen by 3.8%

With the banks reducing the number of low deposit mortgages (i.e. a deposit of 10% and below) since Covid-19 hit in the spring, this has meant that the number of Doncaster first-time buyers has been decreasing quickly, meaning many of those would-be Doncaster buyers wanting to make the first step on the Doncaster property ladder

Blog | 9th October 2020

Doncaster 2nd and 3rd Time Buyers Finding it Tougher (and slower) to Move Up the Doncaster Property Ladder

Post lockdown, the need for Doncaster families who want bigger homes has meant Doncaster homebuyers must now pay considerably more to trade up to that larger home. One thing that has come out of lockdown has been the inexorable movement of Doncaster households wanting to upsize to a larger home. Often considered to be first-time

Blog | 7th October 2020

Why Are Some Banks Reining In Over-Enthusiastic Doncaster Homebuyers and Buy to Let Investors?

The Doncaster property market is an enigma and chock-full of contradictions.  Notwithstanding an economic recession and forecasts of property values dropping, nobody seems to have informed the Doncaster homeowners selling their homes and those Doncaster people looking to buy them. As I have discussed in many recent articles on the locality, the Doncaster property market

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