Blog | 2nd February 2021

14% drop in Doncaster Homes ‘For Sale’ in Last 4 months

With most Doncaster families home schooling their children in lockdown and the forthcoming Stamp Duty Holiday deadline on the 31st March 2021, less Doncaster properties have been coming onto the Doncaster property market since the new year. This has prompted a 14% drop in the supply of Doncaster homes for sale compared to October 2020. For the

Blog | 12th January 2021

Doncaster Property Market: Is it Time to Stamp Out Stamp Duty?

Most people pay Stamp Duty Tax when they buy a property, house, apartment or other land and buildings over a particular price in the UK. The Chancellor, Rishi Sunak (quickly followed suit by the Welsh and Scottish Governments), announced last July that Stamp Duty was partially being suspended on all English property transactions up to £500,000

Blog | 5th January 2021

3,202 Doncaster Homeowners to be ‘Unchained’ from Toxic Leasehold Agreements in Biggest Shake-up of Property Law in Decades

When William the Conqueror invaded our fair shores in 1066, like all good kings, he needed to buy loyalty and raise cash to build his castles and armies. He did this by feudal law system and granted all the faithful nobles and aristocrats with land. In return, the nobles and aristocrats would give the King

Blog | 29th December 2020

How Will the Brexit Deal Affect Doncaster House Prices and Your Mortgage Payments?

Christmas Eve brought the news that Boris Johnson had conclusively agreed on a Brexit deal for the UK with the European Union. This gave optimism that the economic turmoil of leaving the EU would be radically reduced, yet what will this ‘trade deal’ do to the value of your Doncaster home and the mortgage payments you

Blog | 22nd December 2020

As Unemployment hits 7.3% in Doncaster, What Effect Will This Have on the Doncaster Property Market in 2021?

12 months ago, the unemployment rate in Doncaster stood at 3.6% of the working population, yet with Coronavirus hitting the UK, what impact will this rise in unemployment have on the Doncaster property market? As I have discussed some times in my articles on the Doncaster property market, this summer saw the Doncaster property market

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