Doncaster Property Market Sees An Unpredicted Autumn Boost

Well, it doesn’t seem like two minutes ago that it was Christmas – and now it’s all over! One cold December morning, after arranging the office’s Christmas cards I thought I would nip out for a quick festive coffee and over-priced mince pie at my favourite local coffee shop Moona Coffee.  I met an old client of mine in the coffee shop and we got talking about the Doncaster property market. I had just completed my research for my next blog article and I would like to share with you the parts of the conversation relating to the Doncaster property market.

He asked me what my thoughts were about the last half of the year in regard to the Doncaster property market and if there were any great buy to let deals around. In reply I said that, in my view, shrugging off the uncertainty of the initial post Brexit vote, I have seen an increase in supply and a rise in the number of properties selling at the lower to middle end of the market, meaning both first time buyers and buy to let landlords have been returning in the last few months – proof the market is beginning to bounce back.

So let’s look at the numbers ..

According to The National Association of Estate Agents and Rightmove, the number of properties on the market dropped by an average of 14.5% between the start of October 2015 and the end of November in 2015.  Move the clock forward, and by the end of November 2016, according to the three main property portals (Rightmove, Zoopla and OnTheMarket), there were a total 992 properties for sale in Doncaster (within 3 miles of the centre of Doncaster to be exact). Interestingly, at the end of November 2015, there were 1,012 properties for sale. So whilst year on year, there is a drop of 2%, it is still above last year’s drop, which is especially significant following the challenges we had this year

When I split it down into bedrooms (note things like building plots and part commercial/part residential etc won’t be in these figures so the numbers below wont exactly match up to those in the above paragraph).

# Properties on the market in Nov 2015 # Properties on the market in Nov 2016 Per cent Change
5+ Bedrooms 82 77 -6%
4 Bedrooms 176 161 -9%
3 Bedrooms 502 512 +2%
2 Bedrooms 227 219 -4%
1 Bedroom 16 221 +31%

.. and when I looked at type of properties  .. it got even more interesting

Type of Property # Properties on the market in Nov 2015 # Properties on the market in Nov 2016 Per cent Change
Detached 241 256 +6%
Semi 381 364 -4%
Terraced 221 252 +14%
Flat 86 81 -6%

As you can see, there has been an uplift in semi-detached properties, which means they are a great choice for first time buyers and landlords. So with a combination of realistic pricing and more properties on the market – both first time buyers and landlords alike might be able to pick up a few bargains!  One place for great Doncaster Buy to let deals is my blog where, irrespective of which agent is selling the property, I publish what I consider is the very best buy to let deal in Doncaster – INSERT URL