Exciting News for the Property Market in Doncaster!

The property market across the UK is booming, and this is fantastic news for Doncaster homeowners, landlords, and potential buyers. As an estate agency in Doncaster, I am thrilled to share that the number of homes sold subject to contract (stc) has significantly increased from January to the end of May 2024 compared to the same period in 2023.

Nationally, the number of properties sold stc rose by an impressive 16.6%, from 420,675 in 2023 to 490,787 in 2024. This surge is mirrored across various regions, indicating a robust and thriving property market. Here’s a breakdown of the growth in different regions:

• East Anglia: A remarkable increase of 19.3%, leading the charge with the highest growth.
• East Midlands: Close behind, with an 18.6% rise in home sales.
• London: Matching the East Midlands with an 18.6% increase, showing strong demand in the capital.
• South East: Experiencing an 18.4% uptick, highlighting its popularity.
• West Midlands: Not far off, with a 17.6% growth.
• North West: Enjoying a 16.8% rise in sales.
• North East: Seeing a solid 15.1% increase.
• South West: With a healthy 14.7% rise.
• Yorkshire and the Humber: Reporting a 13.9% increase.
• Scotland: Experiencing a 12.1% growth.
• Wales: With a 12.6% increase.
• Northern Ireland: Showing an 11.3% rise.

For the residents of Doncaster, this data is a clear indicator of a positive trend in the property market. Whether you are a homeowner considering selling, a landlord looking to expand your portfolio, or a first-time buyer, the upward trend in home sales is a strong signal of confidence in the market.
As your local estate agency in Doncaster, we are here to assist you in navigating this vibrant market. The significant growth in property sales is a testament to the opportunities available, and I am dedicated to helping you make the most informed decisions.

Stay tuned for more updates and insights from your trusted estate agency in Doncaster. Let’s make the most of this thriving property market together!

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