How long does it take to sell a House vs Flat vs Bungalow

As a homeowner in Doncaster, staying informed about national property market trends can provide valuable context for your local decisions. Recent data from Denton House Research, covering the period from May 2023 to April 2024, shows that on average, it took 76 days to sell a flat, 75 days to sell a bungalow, and 63 days to sell a house.

Although these figures represent the entire UK, they offer useful insights for Doncaster residents. Houses generally sell faster than flats and bungalows, potentially reflecting their broader appeal to families and those seeking more space. This trend suggests that if you’re planning to sell your house in Doncaster, you might expect a quicker sale compared to selling a flat or bungalow.

However, a bungalow has a greater chance of actually selling, when compared to houses or apartments.

Understanding these trends can help Doncaster homeowners make more informed decisions about when to sell and how to price their properties competitively. Whether you’re looking to upsize, downsize, or move, these insights can guide your strategy for a successful sale.